Fallbrook is a charming small town in Northern San Diego, typically known as the Avocado Capital of the World. While it may be off the beaten path, Fallbrook is home to beautiful vineyards producing some of the best wines in Southern California. So if you’re looking for a unique wine-tasting experience, Fallbrook is worth a visit! The town’s relaxed vibe and friendly locals make for a delightful day trip or weekend getaway. Plus, there are plenty of things to do – from hiking and biking to exploring quaint shops and art galleries. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Fallbrook today! Please scroll down to find out about some of Fallbrook’s vineyards and wineries…

Beach house winery in Fallbrook, California

Beach House Winery

1534 Sleeping Indian Road
Oceanside, CA 92057, USA
Ph: 760.732.3236

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Beach House Winery is an award-winning winery with all its wines produced at their winery. They are located on the ridgeline of the “Sleeping Indian” in Oceanside, California. BHW offers ocean and panoramic views of San Diego County. Beach House Winery is the first vineyard, “Vigna al Mare” (Vineyard at the Sea), and a winery established in this beautiful seaside community.

George and Kim Murray’s passion for making wine grew from its beginnings in 1998 as a hobby of socializing with friends to becoming the first vineyard/winery in the agricultural community of South Morro Hills in Oceanside. In 2010, they established Beach House Winery, Inc. The name of their business is derived from where it all started… at their beach house located blocks from Oceanside’s finest beaches. Their venture into establishing “Vigna al Mare” (Vineyard at the Sea) offers panoramic views of North County and the Pacific Ocean, as well as producing high-quality grapes complimenting the grapes sourced for producing fine wines for all to enjoy.

Casa Tiene Vista Winery in Fallbrook, California

Casa Tiene Vista Vineyards

4150 Rock Mountain Rd.
Fallbrook CA 92028
Ph: 760.731.2356

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Private Vineyard with an Old-World European Feel… In addition to offering unique wine tasting and membership options, CTVV caters to local Southern California-based restaurants, bars, and markets. Enjoy CTVV branded wine at our vineyard, from your home (pick-up and delivery options available for your convenience!), or at a favorite local establishment.

Susan and Mick Gallagher are the proprietors of Casa Tiene Vista Vineyard. Although they both started their careers in technology, it has become their lifelong passion for creating a vineyard. The quest started almost 20 years ago when they hosted VIP trips to Napa Valley for key clients. During these trips, they met and befriended many winery owners and soon understood the wine business is not only a unique business but a culture unto itself. In addition, they were pleasantly surprised to find many owners friendly and willing to share tips on growing and making great wines.

Estate d'Icobelli winery and AirBnB in Fallbrook, California

Estate d’Iacobelli

2175 Tecalote Drive
Fallbrook, CA 92028USA
Ph: 760.723.0616

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Estate d'Iacobelli winery in Fallbrook, California

In the spring of 2013, Ronei and Lisa purchased a 15-acre estate nearby Fallbrook. They had been searching for the perfect spot and knew this was the best location for optimal growing conditions. Immediately they planted Italian varietals and intended only to plant the vines of their heritage.

Today the couple carefully craft their great harvest into a collection of unique, small-batch wines under the Estate d’Iacobelli label and have opened a tasting room on the beautiful hilltop estate. For Ronei and Lisa, making wine is part of their culture, upbringing, and now part of their daily lives. Winemaking is their passion… the results are your pleasure!

Fallbrook winery in Fallbrook, California

Fallbrook Winery

2554 Via Rancheros
Fallbrook, CA 92028
Ph: 760.728.0156

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A leader in California’s emerging South Coast wine region, Fallbrook Winery’s 36 acres rest between the Pacific Coast and the Pala Mesa Mountains, producing the highest quality red and white varietals. The region’s topography creates an ideal microclimate characterized by consistent and moderate temperatures throughout the growing season. With warm days, cool nights, hillside vineyards, and decomposed granite soil, our grapes develop the optimal sugar and acid levels needed to create rich, full-bodied, and balanced wines.

All red grapes are hand-picked and bin fermented in our 175-gallon bin fermenters. This allows for optimal fermentation conditions. In addition, the manual punch downs during fermentation enhance the intensity of the fruit and permit the winemaker greater control over the winemaking process. The total storage capacity is 28,000 gallons of temperature-controlled stainless steel fermentation and 700 fifty-nine-gallon French oak barrels.

Monserate vineyard and winery in Fallbrook, California

Monserate Vineyard & Winery

2757 Gird Rd
Fallbrook, CA 92028
Ph: 760.268.9625

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Monserate Winery began with a desire to preserve the beauty and integrity of Gird Valley. For 56 years, the beautiful 116-acre property was a public golf course dotted with 100-year-old oaks and towering sycamore trees. After falling on hard times, the golf course closed. Jade and Julie Work had the vision to revitalize the land and create something incredible that would also enrich the surrounding community’s lives; thus, Monserate Winery was born. Jade and Julie Work have worked hard to bring this vision to life since 2016 and have made a lot of progress.

Monserate Winery boasts breathtaking vineyards, tranquil lakes, and spectacular scenery today. As Monserate vineyard and winery continues to grow and expand our operations near San Diego, CA, we stay true to our original vision:

Myrtle Creek Vineyards in Fallbrook, California

Myrtle Creek Vineyards

1600 Via Vista
Fallbrook, CA 92028
Ph: 442.444.5066

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Myrtle Creek Vineyards is a family-run boutique winery making quality, hand-crafted wines in small batches. Most of their grapes are grown here in their vineyard, then picked by hand.

Their land has a long history of farming citrus and avocado orchards. As water became too scarce and expensive to sustain those crops, wine grapes became the ideal solution.

When they started, their founder, Matt Sherman, had a passion for wine and a background in horticulture. His father, Bruce, has always had farming in his blood. The two men planted the first vines in August of 2011 on the grounds of the old family orchards, and the first wine was made in Matt’s garage in 2011 with the help of an experienced neighbor and other friends in the industry. The vintage was coined Syrage… Syrah made it in the garage. They opened their doors in September 2017.

Romiglio Ridge Winery and Vineyard in Fallbrook, California

Romiglo Ridge Winery  & Vineyards

1651 Scooter Lane
Fallbrook, CA 92028
Ph: 435.640.3206

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Romiglio Ridge, a small boutique winery in Fallbrook, California, is the encore winery for owners Dennis Romankowski and Gina Coccimiglio. After opening and operating Park City, Utah’s first winery in 2012, they moved to the wine-growing region in San Diego, California, to take their dream to the next level – growing their own grapes. They were led to Fallbrook, California, where they could grow their own grapes and produce award-winning boutique wines in a sunny climate.

Romiglio Ridge was born out of a love of living “life uncorked.” Their lives, and now our two last names, have been joined forever in Romiglio Ridge. They pride themselves in sharing our winery, vineyards, and love of life with all those who visit them. They look forward to having you experience their big dream on a small piece of heaven in Fallbrook.

The Vineyard 1924 in Fallbrook, California

The Vineyard 1924

1924 E. Mission Rd.
Fallbrook, CA 92028
Ph: 760.651.2182

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The Vineyard 1924 is centrally located in the rolling hills of Fallbrook; the property showcases summit views of Mount San Jacinto, sweeping images of the valley, and dramatic sunsets. Boasting 264 days of sunshine annually, it is no wonder the south coast region is ideal for cultivating grapes. The valley’s moist, refreshing winds help maintain moderate daytime temperatures while reduced overnight temperatures encourage acidity retention. Cabernet Sauvignon grapes thrive in the land’s decomposed granite soil, and we do our best to allow the grapes to develop organically while avoiding additives and substances wherever possible.

The 1960s in Fallbrook, California, were buzzing with excitement; the first Avocado Festival took place, Fallbrook Hospital opened its doors, and The Carson Family took over ownership of fifteen acres located at 1924 East Mission Road.

Just two decades earlier, the estate was home to several acres of olive trees. Following the end of World War II, the United States began importing foreign commodities such as olive oil from Italy, effectively taking a toll on the business of harvesting olives. Over the years, Fallbrook cultivated avocado trees until a water shortage seemed inevitable, and a more drought-friendly crop was needed. Grape vines were planted a few short years later, and the winemaking began!

Toasted Oak Vineyard and Winery

Toasted Oak Vineyards & Winery

190 Red Mountain Lane
Fallbrook, CA 92028
Ph: 760.420.3678

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Toasted Oak Winery is a mom-and-pop operation that began as a retirement hobby. Roger and Marcia bought the burned-out parcel that would become their vineyard in 2008, naming their future winery after the one surviving tree on the property, a “toasted” oak tree. Nine years later, they could open their tasting room for business after clearing, planting the vines, and building the winery.

All of their wines are produced from grapes grown in Fallbrook, most from their vineyard. They process the grapes, produce, bottle, and label the wine right at their winery. They make small amounts at a time, so the list changes often.